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  • This page displays information about our company, the people behind it and what our aims are.
  • About Naked Tees

Why? . . .

We love T-shirts - here are Naked Tees. Doesn’t everyone? We have all worn them throughout our lives. They are timeless. T-shirts are a statement of personality and taste. A T-shirt is a way for everyone to express who you are, what they believe in and what / who they support. So, we feel it is a perfect way for us to express creativity and individuality.

We have spent the last six months working flat-out to complete the website, design T-shirts, print T-shirts and engage with prospective users of the site. So here it is - Naked Tees in all it's newborn-glory.

A little bit of boring stuff . . .

Naked Tees is an independent T-shirt printing service. We want to bridge the gap between simple typographical T-shirt designs, which we see everywhere on the internet nowadays, and the high-end mass produced commercial T-shirts. Our designs site right in the middle. We have simple messages with slick creative but at accessible prices.

To help us achieve this, we use all the latest heat press, screen printing and DTG equipment to provide our clients with the best quality T-shirts and print the industry can offer.

Naked Tees is a simple idea; Sell (the most competitive prices), design (the slickest creative) and print (the best quality possible) T-shirts (designed by us and our users). Yes, it's that simple.

We just want to make people smile, laugh and allow them to express who they are by using the skills our creative network have developed over their careers as designers and web developers. We feel privileged to have the ability to spark positive emotion through my creativity and want to use what I have learned to make someone’s life that little bit happier. Ahhhhh, aren't we lovely.

Please get Involved . .

We have an open door policy and we would love you to join us in our venture. You can get involved as much or as little as you would like. Design a T-shirt, tell us hear your story. Anything at all, just get in touch. I hope to see you or hear from you soon.